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Charan Teja Valluru

Interpreter of Practice | Brisbane | Email 

Charan is currently a candidate for Ph.D. at Griffith University’s Safety Science Innovation Lab, where, he is working on understanding subcontractor related safety issues in high-risk industries in Australia. He holds a Master of Science in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Missouri and a Bachelor in mechanical engineering from India. He has been part of research projects focusing on human factors and submitted a thesis on manufacturing industry employees’ safety perspectives.

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David Porteous

Senior Consultant I Sydney I Email

David Porteous has a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science with honours. He is an experienced Health and Safety Manager with substantial experience in the heavy manufacturing industry in both OHS and line management roles. David build's innovative safety systems that enable 'freedom within the framework' and has a wealth of experience across all aspects of contractor management.

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David Weber

Senior Consultant I Brisbane I Email

David is a senior consultant in Safety (Differently), Human Factors, and Resilience Engineering with work experience in various industries, including oil and gas, construction, aviation, rail operation and mining. His recent efforts involve identifying and advising management on gaps between work as intended and work as done by different groups of stakeholders throughout all levels of seniority within organisations. David has an extensive understanding of safety-critical work through the analysis of human performance, work observations of people in different roles, and practical experience as a private pilot. His knowledge is founded on a PhD in Natural and Safety Sciences, Bachelor and Master of Science in Psychology (summa cum laude), and Certificate IV in Work Health Safety. This has allowed David to develop strong analytical and writing skills, become entirely conversant in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and report findings both in confidential business reports and academic publications. 

Divyangini Lal

Executive Assistant | Melbourne | Email

Divyangini completed a Master of Business - Risk Management at Monash University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration at NMIMS. She provides technical financial and operational risk analysis, integrating financial modelling with the operational risk strategic and decision framework. She uses her skill set to support the growing needs of our business and of our clients.

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Hendrik Lourens

Senior Consultant I Sydney I Email

Hendrik has extensive experience in leadership positions within the manufacturing sector as well as in consulting in mining and manufacturing. He has turned many declining businesses around by quickly shifting productivity and profitability performance. The Theory of Constraints and Complexity Theory provides him with a framework to identify and manage leverage points and to unshackle frontline employees and middle management from the prevailing best practice paradigms.  His strengths lie in improving quality and productivity and increasing leadership effectiveness. Hendrik's experience is underpinned by a Masters in Polymer Science, Honours in Chemistry, an MBA and certification in the Theory of Constraints.

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Lucy Moxon

Service Delivery Coordinator | Brisbane | Email

Lucy supports the delivery of work across the business. She has a broad range of interests including acting, writing, sport and science, which means she is well suited to Art of Work. Lucy is a key team member working to integrate the needs of our clients with delivery from our business. 

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Robert Jan de Boer

Associate Consultant | The Netherlands | Email

Robert J. de Boer MSc PhD is currently professor of Aviation Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science (Hogeschool van Amsterdam). His research interest focusses on human performance and process improvements in complex environments. Robert’s previous experience includes operational and engineering management at Unilever and Fokker Technologies, where he was responsible for improvements in collaboration and the implementation of systems engineering based on Lean principles. Robert has given advice in this area to numerous national and international companies as a management consultant with A.T. Kearney, and continues to do so at Art of Work. Robert was trained as an aerospace engineer at Delft University of Technology, and received his PhD from the same university in 2012 on the co-operation of technical teams.

Zinta Satins

Chief Innovator I Brisbane | Email

Zinta was first attracted to safety in the 90s when working as a chemist in the steel industry. This lead to her taking on a number of occupational roles including that of hygienist. After over a decade she left the steel industry to work as an HSE professional and over the years gained practical experience in construction, engineering, mining and hospitality in both regional and corporate roles. Zinta has always loved safety but no more so than when she was introduced to the concepts of safety differently almost 10 years ago at SKM. She has never looked back.