In most mature economies, the ratio of compliance workers has steadily grown. Over the past twenty years, global compliance workforce has grown significantly, and health and safety plays a big part in this total cost.

The problem is: work has not necessarily become a lot safer during this time.

We see more compliance, more performance drag, and not much better safety.

What is going on?

Is that happening in your organisation?

At Art of Work, we believe that people are not a problem to control with more compliance demands and constraints. We believe your people are a solution, or in fact many solutions,with boundless expertise and excellence for you to harness. If only you knew how!

At Art of Work, we believe that safety cannot be meaningfully measured by only counting the lack of injuries or incidents. We help you to discover positive performance indicators: the presence of capacities and strengths in your people that help create and maintain safety every day.

At Art of Work, we can help you rediscover what it means for your people to be good at something. Without others telling them how to behave all the time.

At Art of Work, we will help you find ways to improve your safety, truly engage your people and reduce the inefficiencies that have encrusted around your business.
We believe by improving work you will not only improve safety, but also productivity, efficiency and ultimately profitability. 

We change the way organisations think about and do safety.



We help you shed the performance drag of excessive compliance.



We get you to discover the safety excellence you already have.


We help you make your workplace more productive, efficient, safer,
and promote wellbeing.