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transforming work practices through
the power of relationships

an opportunity for operational, HSE and HR leaders to develop strategies that impact overall performance in production, innovation, safety and employee engagement and retention

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purpose and goals

Imagine a workplace where 70% of employees are engaged. Where they feel their work is meaningful, and where trust and open communication define how people treat each other.

The art of work master class is an immersive introduction to the art and science of restoring and empowering your people through the power of relationships.

Through newly established research and relevant case studies, we will demonstrate why and how the quality of relationships in your company determines the level of excellence in organisational performance.

The program will be delivered through interactive exercises, real world examples showcasing what high-performance organisations have learned from catastrophic failure events, video, paired conversations and role-playing. It also includes the best practices to establish these relationships.

innovation activities

  • Case study learning team exercise

  • Exploring trust, eliminating blame fixing from accident investigation, open/effective communication across functions and hierarchical structures

  • Building your social network for success

  • Self-assessment and action plan

the compelling case for aligning social needs & technical systems

Evidence-based research from thought leaders Dekker, Hollnagel, Tooma, Carrillo and Art of Work’s international experience show these are the transformational practices driving the need for change:

foundation principles

  • Moving from management system to people-centred

  • People are not a problem to control, they are a solution to harness

transformational tactical framework

  • Calibrating your program for engagement


  • Cultivating engagement through asking questions


  • Transitioning from compliance to learning

challenging our thinking about rules

  • What if there were no rules?

  • How inclusion, belonging, diversity and relationships replace rules

  • Transforming rules from constraint to supporting success

  • How autonomy increases accountability

relationship-centred leadership (RCL)

  • Only leaders drive psychological safety. We define the relationship-centered leader as having the skills and knowledge to create psychological safety through relationship building

  • The 8 beliefs of RCL are the motivators for social interactions that drive performance

the benefit of attending

  • 70% or more of employees are disengaged (Gallup)

  • 50% of business leaders say engagement and retention are their most important priority (Forbes)

  • For 80% retention is attached to finding meaning and purpose in work

Find out how to enrich the meaningfulness of work. Increase engagement and retention, and create high-performance teams.

introducing our presenters

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Rosa Carrillo

Rosa Carrillo, author of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership and president of C&A, is a recognized thought leader in the field of safety, environment and health. She is a frequent author and keynote speaker, fluent in English and Spanish. She has presented to companies and cultures as diverse as the Middle East, Latin America, North America, and Central Asia. In addition to consulting to major companies like Exxon-Mobil, GE Nuclear, and Southern California Edison, some of her audiences include the NRC, NISHA, the VPPPA and ASSP.

Kelvin Genn Rect.png

Kelvin Genn

Kelvin Genn is Art of Work’s Managing Director. He is a strategic systems thinker with experience in human factors and organisational re-engineering. He led the systems and risk management program across the Asia Pacific and Europe with Compass Group Plc, the world’s largest support service company with more than 750,000 employees.

As a Board Member for NSW Health, Kelvin has worked as the NSW Health Director for Clinical Quality and Patient Safety.

Michael Tooma Rect 2.png

Michael Tooma

Michael Tooma's practice covers specialist safety-related regulatory regimes, particularly occupational health and safety, security and anti-terrorism, product safety, aviation safety, rail safety, construction safety, food safety, maritime safety, road safety and chain of responsibility.

Michael is the author of numerous books on health and safety law in Australia and New Zealand. His books are prescribed in universities, are often cited in academic literature and judgements and are standard references for safety and legal practitioners alike.

Michael is consistently ranked Band 1 in Chambers legal directory and is recognised by Best Lawyers, Legal 500 and Doyle's Guide.

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