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The Enabling Wellbeing Masterclass series has blazed a trail through Melbourne, Brisbane and  London and continues in Auckland and Sydney this September.

Highlights have included the exchange of ideas and knowledge between participants as we continue to build a community of practice. A recent success story comes from a participant reporting back that their organization has now committed to a Wellbeing Strategy which includes some learnings from the masterclass.

Common challenges still faced by participants include more knowledge on how to write a comprehensive wellbeing strategy and building a business case for senior decision makers. Art of Work was recently engaged to review a group wellbeing strategy for a large construction provider in the UK. 

Emerging challenges that have been consistent in all locations relate to social wellbeing in particular isolation, loneliness, substance dependency and addiction. 

This is a growing trend, as evidenced by the UK appointing a Minister for Loneliness, and the creation of the Australian Coalition to end Loneliness. In terms of strategy, Canada leads the way in this area, with organisations like Nav Canada implementing programs to assist with the impact that substance dependency and addiction have on employees personal lives.

There is still a long way to go.

Hear what participants in Melbourne and London say about their Enabling Wellbeing masterclass experience.