Kristy McGrath, General Manager

Sidney Dekker (PhD Ohio State University, USA, 1996) is professor at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where he runs the Safety Science Innovation Lab. He is also Professor (Hon.) of psychology at The University of Queensland, and Professor (Hon.) of human factors and patient safety at Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Previously, he was Professor of human factors and system safety at Lund University in Sweden. After becoming full professor, he learned to fly the Boeing 737, working part-time as an airline pilot out of Copenhagen. He has won worldwide acclaim for his groundbreaking work in human factors and safety, and is best-selling author of, most recently, The Field Guide to Understanding ‘Human Error’ (2014), Second Victim (2013), Just Culture (2012), Drift into Failure (2011), and Patient Safety (2011). His latest book is Safety Differently (2015). More at


Angie Galbraith

As a third generation coal miner, Angie Galbraith has spent most of her career working in the field of health and safety with large contract mining and construction houses. She has worked on and supported projects throughout Australia, the Pacific, South East Asia, Africa and South America. Specialising in the development of safety and health management systems, Angie also has extensive experience in data analysis and trending, emergency preparedness and response, and operational safety risk management.


In addition to her health and safety qualifications, Angie also has a Masters in Project Management and is currently a Research Candidate with Griffith University's Safety Science Innovation Lab. Her research project will be on the standardisation and local variation of Principal Hazard Management Plans for the prevention of multiple fatality incidents in coal mines.