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“What if your workplace was a place that made people well?”

The Art of Work Enabling Wellbeing Master Class will challenge your current way of thinking about creating wellbeing in ways that are less obvious, more effective, and shift managing wellbeing away from ad hoc or bureaucratic initiatives to actively setting people and your organisation up for success.

Enabling Wellbeing Objectives

  • Understand what Psychological Safety is and isn’t

  • Explore the compelling case for changing how wellbeing is approached

  • Evaluate current strategies against leading organisational examples

  • Obtain clarity about the role of leadership

  • Understand what is required to set people up for success

  • Rethink the way in which work is designed

  • Explore how to build empathy, care, trust and connection

Learning Outcomes

During the master class you will be introduced to the latest thought leadership on wellbeing, be invited to explore the enabling wellbeing paradigm shift and new practices, and discuss case studies as to how successful organisations have embraced the challenge of working well.

Workshop takeaways include:

  • Internationally recognised Psychological Safety guidelines and frameworks

  • 3 key enabling wellbeing principles that challenge traditional thinking

  • A micro-experiment that will provide you with the opportunity to apply the enabling wellbeing principles to your workplace and create a strategy that you can apply immediately

  • Workplace Health and Safety psychosocial risk management system elements

Ongoing Development & Support

On completion of the master class you will be provided with access to the Art of Work enabling wellbeing portal.

The portal will provide you with further resources for building your own sustainable enabling wellbeing strategy including templates, assessments, thought leadership articles, presentations and case studies.

Facilitator - Pete Jensen

Pete is an industry leader with more than twenty years’ experience delivering a variety of programs, including Leadership Development, Cultural Transformation, and Behavioural Safety Leadership programs, across the Asia Pacific region. A keynote speaker for such organisations as The Executive Connection, The CEO Institute, and Rotary International, he brings the skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to help organisations turn potential risk and damage into connection, productivity and performance.

Pete is a published author and is passionate about helping organisations to build workplace cultures that are psychologically safe, fit, and thriving. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong, and was an Associate Member of the ANZ Breakout Delivery Team, recognised as a best practice case by Harvard Business School.


The attendance cost is $950 pp excl GST and places are limited.

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