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How often have you struggled with trying to answer the question of WHY your people make choices and behave the way they do them in your organisation?

Culture comprises many layers, artefacts, beliefs and values, however it’s the underlying individual assumptions and unwritten rules that decide overall levels of performance and thriveability.

The Masterclass commences with an experience of Lasseter’s Reef – A quest for Gold, specifically designed to surface these layers, providing real time self-awareness of choices, behaviours and assumptions, especially under perceived pressure.

The afternoon session will challenge your thinking, and provide the keys and practical tools to build trust, embrace conflict, and create a culture of constant learning, resilience and high performance.

Workshop objectives


  • Understand the relationship between effort and productivity ( EP ratio)

  • Understand the pressures that create a ‘performance gap’,  how this impacts resilience and performance, and how to take back control

  • Discover how to maximise the 3 keys to productivity of time, information and the team


  • Deepen your understanding of how a culture of high trust and mindfully testing assumptions can accelerate productivity, learning and capacity for resilience

  • Workshop the role that unconscious bias and projection plays in setting people and teams up for less than optimal performance and wellbeing

  • Apply the 3 Leadership principles of Art of Work in creating ‘real world’ strategies that you can apply immediately

Workshop takeaways

  • Personal awareness, insights and reflection on your own ability to thrive and perform under perceived pressure

  • Internationally recognized best practice guidelines and frameworks

  • Introduction to Diagnostic tools and processes

  • 3 key Art of Work principles that challenge traditional thinking

Ongoing development and support

On completion of the Master Class you will be provided with access to the Art of Work ‘Wellbeing Differently’ portal which will provide you with the ongoing resources you require to build a systemic and sustainable Wellbeing Differently strategy. These include templates, assessments, thought leadership articles,  presentations and case studies and inclusion in a community of leading thinkers and practitioners.


All bookings made by 5pm Friday 14 Sept 2018 - $595 (excl GST)

Lighthouse Members - $495 (excl GST)

Larsen Jensen Clients
Single - $495
4 for the price of 3 - $1485

Full Price Tickets $875 excl GST
(In house Master Classes are available on enquiry)

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