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In Denmark, it’s a cultural artefact called ‘arbejdsglaede’, (the joy of work), and historically it’s been defined as the ‘dignity of work’ but what is it exactly, and how do you bring it life in your workplace? As leaders struggle with balancing the needs of becoming more lean and agile against a backdrop of growing workplace stress and mental health and wellbeing claims, here’s a thought to challenge and disrupt your thinking……

“What if your workplace was actually a place that made you well?”

The Art of Work ‘Wellbeing Differently’ Master Class is a day that will challenge your current thinking about creating Wellbeing in ways that are less  obvious, broaden your understanding of the importance of workplace Psychological Safety in creating sustained performance, and shift your approach from merely managing ad hoc or bureaucratic Wellbeing interventions to actively setting people and your organisation up for success.

Workshop objectives

Understand what Psychological safety is, and what it isn’t
Explore the compelling case for a change in how you approach Wellbeing
Evaluate your current strategies against leading organisational examples
Obtain clarity about the role of leadership
Understand what is required to set people up for success
Rethink the way in which you design work
Explore how approaches like Holocracy, self-managed teams and collective intelligence could apply to your organisation

Learning outcomes

During the Master Class you will be introduced to a thinking and practices paradigm shift and thought leadership, and become acquainted with case studies as to how successful organisations have embraced the challenge of Wellbeing Differently.

Workshop takeaways include:

  • Internationally recognized Psychological Safety guidelines and frameworks
  • 3 Key “Wellbeing Differently “principles that challenge traditional thinking
  • A “Micro experiment” that will provide you with the opportunity to apply the “Wellbeing Differently” principles to your workplace and create a strategy that you can apply immediately
  • Deepen your understanding of the requirements of the WHS Act and the 13 elements of a WHS Psychosocial Risk management system

Ongoing development and support

On completion of the Master Class you will be provided with access to the Art of Work ‘Wellbeing Differently’ portal which will provide you with the ongoing resources you require to build a systemic and sustainable Wellbeing Differently strategy. These include templates, assessments, thought leadership articles,  presentations and case studies and inclusion in a community of leading thinkers and practitioners.


The attendance cost is $ 950 pp excl GST and places are limited. (A discount applies to bookings made by 30 June 2018 for an early bird rate of $ 695pp excl GST). Lighthouse members get a 20% discount. To register click on the following link.

In-house Master Classes are available on inquiry.

Contact  admin@artofwork.solutions to make further inquiries about this event.