Art of Work, in partnership with GrainCorp invite you to join a Master Class for business leaders and managers interested in improving their leadership skills and enabling better performance.

What can leaders do to enable better performance? Traditional assumptions about leaders suggest that leaders have the answers, followers need to be motivated and instructed, and that control needs to be positioned close to the top of organisations, in particular when it comes to safety critical conditions. But experience shows that this way of leading creates more problems than it solves.

This Enabling Leadership Master Class will convey essential skills for leaders to enable better performance, based on an examination of the conditions that help people to perform. Enabling leadership is not about making great leaders - it is about making others great.  

Through a combination of case studies and thought provoking exercises, attendees will learn:

  • how to unlock contributions and discretionary efforts of employees at all levels
  • how to better capture and use collective intelligence to create a learning organisation
  • how to adapt and evolve how work is done - continuously and in the wake of failures
  • how to enable great performance by providing solutions rather than constraints

The Master Class will explore safety related issues, but the concepts involved are applicable in other operational areas as well.

Participants will receive:

  • Tony Hseih's book 'Delivering Happiness
  • Copies of the presentation material
  • Membership to Art of Work’s exclusive Lighthouse Centre of Excellence
  • Access for 6 months to a Master Class web portal loaded with resources relating to foundations of Enabling Leadership, including case studies, change strategies, journal articles, book references, links to e-resources, and tools to collaborate with other participants beyond the Master Class event.

The Master Class will be presented by Marc McLaren. Marc is Chief Enabler at Art of Work. Marc is an engaging presenter, analytical thinker, executive leader, facilitator, and WHS professional with over 25 years of business and field management experience. He understands the breadth and depth of WHS, which has resulted in the development of an innovative portfolio of services. Marc’s initial study covered psychology, sociology and political science at the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Social Studies. Marc has continued learning and has been awarded a Master of Occupational Health and Safety with distinction from the University of Newcastle. He is currently researching organisational safety decision-making and performance at UTS in Sydney.

Venue: GrainCorp Office, Level 28, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney 2000.

Parking: Paid Parking at Wilsons Carpark 

Please email if you have any queries.

Sydney - 20 July - Enabling Leadership - Enabling Leadership Master Class
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