Art of Work’s Lighthouse is a centre of excellence for early adopters and thought leaders engaged in reshaping their organisation through empowerment and innovation.

It is an exclusive group of leaders who wish to excel in the area of Safety Differently®. Lighthouse provides members with access to webinars, collaboration sessions, engagement with a community of thought leaders, and privileges including discounts and exclusive offers.

Art of Work has developed a comprehensive suite of Master Classes that are designed to equip business leaders with the tools they need to introduce and embed Safety Differently® into their organisation. Master Classes include:

  • Safety Differently (enabling safety) - An introduction to why and how organisations can manage safety as the presence of an ability to make things go right

  • Learning Teams (Appreciative Investigation) - The fundamentals of learning from normal work

  • Enabling Leadership - Leadership is not about being great, but about making others great

  • Enabling Systems - How can Management Systems enable performance, rather than constrain it?

  • Enabling Controls - Finding solutions that enable successful work near hazards under varying conditions. It’s not just about barriers

  • Failure Differently - Accidents are not the results of rare deviations from plan or unsafe acts, but the starting point for organisations to learn more about themselves

  • Disruptive Innovation - Leading Safety Innovation

  • Enabling Audits - Using the tools of appreciative Inquiry to re-invent audit as a learning tool

  • Enabling Design - Restoring human centred design as a central feature of safety practice

  • Enabling Wellbeing - Enabling organisations with the tools to create workplaces that improve wellbeing

Each of our Master Classes form part of a series that builds capability and capacity to transform your organisation and to influence the wider safety community. 

Art of Work Master Classes are modular in nature and participation in particular classes with proven engagement beyond the class will allow participants to achieve levels of Lighthouse membership as outlined below:

  • Lighthouse Associate Member - Anyone who has attended a Master Class within a 12 month period

  • Lighthouse Member - Attended a Master Class and has evidence of promoting appreciative safety® (blog, article, paper, workplace initiative)

  • Lighthouse Steward - Appreciative Safety®, plus four elective masterclasses

  • Lighthouse Master - Appreciative Safety®, Appreciative Investigations, Enabling Strategies, Appreciative Performance, plus three electives.

Lighthouse Members maintain their membership by undertaking a lighthouse event in the associated 12 month period. Alternatively individuals can pay a 12 month subscription of $150 (incl. GST). The subscription fee can be deducted from any Lighthouse event undertaken in the subscription year. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Invitation to Lighthouse collaboration events

  • Access to the Lighthouse Resource Centre

  • 10% discount for any Art of Work event

Lighthouse Organisations:

Organisations who host a Master Class or undertake a Safety Differently project will receive automatic membership for their leadership team for one year. Organisations may pay an annual membership fee of $850 (incl. GST) to subscribe. This fee may be used in credit against any Art of Work service or product.

Contact Us

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