About Learning Teams


Investigations conducted by organisations have become burdened with the pre-conception that constrains are useful and instruct learning. In most people's experience the intended purpose of an investigation is to find an error and identify who is responsible for that error, which is followed by a corrective action that is frequently retributive. Current investigations are insufficiently curious about work.

Alternatively, a  Learning Team is an intentionally structured appreciative inquiry/investigation process designed to facilitate team based inquiry about normal work in order to understand what is contributing to successful work and how this can be further leveraged, as well as what is making work difficult and how this can be positively addressed.

  1. Learning Teams examine normal work - The causes of exceptional events may be present all of the time

  2. Learning Teams examine work as it is actually and currently conducted - There is no such thing as a “desktop” appreciative inquiry

  3. Learning Teams describe work from the point of view of those performing the work - Workers are the experts in their own experience of work

  4. Learning Teams use variation to provide insight - It is often more helpful to understand variability than to enforce compliance