About Enabling Wellbeing

An organisation is well when its people are well. 

Well means complete Physical, Mental and Social wellbeing, in an environment of psychological safety and high performance.

Our enabling wellbeing masterclasses focus on the dual role that leaders play in creating conditions for wellness balanced with a deep understanding of individual wellbeing needs and the ability to enable human capacity.

Strategy creation

Our strength lies in helping leaders understand the business case and transfer this into a robust and proven whole-istic wellbeing strategy

Set your  people up for success

By applying the principles and tactics of Enabling People to a wellbeing context, through external or internal enabling wellbeing masterclasses our clients are empowered to trial micro experiments and learn through a process of appreciative enquiry ho best to create strategies, systems and practices to set people up for success based on best practices and evidence methodology.

Wellbeing is an inside job

Mental wellbeing is far deeper reaching than mental health first aid. The struggle of coping with the daily demands of life is on the rise, and companies that turn employees struggles into growth opportunities are discovering a new kind of competitive   (Harvard Business Review)

Our philosophy that people are the solution and have the capacity for completeness is reflected in our best practice 'inside out’ personal transformation programs.

Enabling social wellbeing

We provide leaders with the social wellbeing tools to understand and overcome the growing challenges of social isolation and loneliness, in and outside of work, which often results in a reluctance up resulting in greater direct and indirect costs to individual wellbeing, and organisational performance.

“The answer is found in the importance of human relationships and the social systems. People rely on them for validation, emotional support and ultimately, survival.

So to transform an organisation you must transform the relationships.” (Rosa Carillo)

Measure what matters

Measure what you want more of, which in our world is the presence of wellness rather than an absence of illness.

Be Intent provides individually personalised wellbeing solutions that build wellbeing, resilience and energy, whilst at the same time providing a leadership dashboard of daily biopsychosocial data to proactively identify and manage any hot spots.

Learn from the best

Our enabling wellbeing masterclasses take you deep and centre into the heart of organisations that have achieved extraordinary results and developed a competitive advantage through creating meaning and well work and workplaces for their people.

Discover how the Enabling People principles and tactics have been applied in organisations across a range of industry sectors with challenges similar to our own.

Make wellbeing easier for leaders

For leaders, our community of care portal is packed with interactive content and tools to assist them in making work purposeful, setting their people up for success, knowing which milestones to celebrate and how, as well as early indicators to look out for and how to deal with them when they appear.

The community of care portal also contains strategies for how to engage teams with wellbeing, and uses technology to allow for scalability and ease of deployment.

Join our community of practice

Connect with other leaders through the Art of Work Lighthouse Centre of Excellence and share their experiences and strategies for enabling wellbeing. Lighthouse provides members with access to webinars, collaboration sessions, engagement with thought leaders, and privileges including discounts and exclusive offers.