About Enabling Leadership

The Enabling Leadership Program serves to provide leaders with the skills they need to shift their organisational interaction and safety performance. The program focuses on providing leaders with practical hands on knowledge, tools and information, enabling the leader to identify the necessary changes required to improve their safety leadership effectiveness and clarity on how to successfully engage others in proactively addressing what is helping and hindering performance.

The interactive program shows leaders how to use enabling leadership practices to identify opportunities for improvement through engagement with the frontline where work is done and through the facilitation of the design of effective solutions to enable better work processes outcomes.

Enabling Leadership Programs

The enabling leadership program is tailor made to every organisation by using one or a combination of the following components.

embedded discovery

When undertaking embedded discovery, an Art of Work explorer ‘goes native’ with different groups within an organisation. The explorer looks at what the ‘frontline’ does, but also how the actions from people further away from the frontline influence their work. While going out with teams, the explorer observes routines, forms of interaction, and power relations that constitute a given workplace. Throughout the process the explorer retains a critical distance to capture how the context of tasks and processes configures people and processes, and the sources of the solutions that emerge. At the same time, the explorer tries to understand the ‘messy’ details of the job. This can include the uncertainties of the job a worker has the beginning of the day, the tips a team gets from a colleague, and the phone call that is made halfway through the day.

executive engagement interviews

The executive team is interviewed individually to understand their safety journey, philosophy and aspirations. Each of the selected executives participates in a one hour interview which seeks to explore their perspective and elicit from them stories to contextualise that perspective. This part of the program provides insight into the motive and outcomes that the team seeks to sponsor and drive.

enabling leadership workshop

This half day workshop is about creating new performance levels by unlocking the motivation and ideas that lie dormant in an organisations network. Through using enabling skills and tools such as ‘creativity as a response to workplace difficulties’ and ‘asking better and more curious questions to enable continuous learning’, leaders can bring about new ideas, new networks and high value learning to facilitate the design of effective solutions, better work practices and outcomes. Enabling leadership is not about making great leaders - it is about making others great. This workshop will focus on:

  • how to unlock contributions and discretionary efforts of employees at all levels

  • how to better capture and use collective intelligence to create a learning organisation

  • how to adapt and evolve how work is done - continuously in the wake of failures

  • how to enable great performance by providing solutions rather than constraints

  • how to shift your leadership from being a ‘hero’ to being a ‘host’

  • how to enable creativity as response to workplace difficulties

  • Introduce the enabling safety tools to enable leaders to interact at the workplace

enabling safety HSE Team Challenge Workshop

Safety has traditionally been about the elimination of negative outcomes. In the pursuit of this goal, people have increasingly become a problem to control, and safety a bureaucratic activity. In this half day workshop, the HSE team will be introduced to the ideas and principles that underpin the safety differently movement and will learn how safety can be managed by seeing people as a resource to harness, how safety can be about enabling things to go right, and how safety can become an ethical responsibility to do what is right.

The workshop will focus on:

  • why addressing what helps and hinders normal work will improve safety

  • how people are a solution to harness, rather than a problem to control

  • how organisations can learn from what goes right

  • how organisations across the globe have managed to build their safety management systems and practices on the enabling safety principles