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The Art of Work UK & European Event Series


The Art of Work UK & European Event Series

Acre presents Safety Differently with Art of Work

We are excited to announce a series of events in Europe that will take place throughout September to december 2017. 

Art of Work will be running various courses and seminars in the UK and Ireland, designed for Safety Professionals and Business Leaders to enable a Safety Differently approach to take hold within the industry.

If you are looking for an introduction to Safety Differently, the safety breakfast innovation series events will be a perfect fit. To carry on with the philosophy in practice, improve your leadership skills and enabling better performance, join us for a one day masterclasses.  

Traditionally, health and safety has been about eliminating unwanted outcomes, such as injuries, incidents, and illnesses, it has been about avoiding variance and controlling people through procedure and, when it has gone wrong, has often blamed those very people who are exposed to the risk.

At Art of Work, we understand that people are not a problem to control with more compliance, demands and constraints. We believe that people are the solution with expertise and resilience and with valuable knowledge which must be harnessed. We are about setting people and organisations up for success.

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Our philosophy aims to increase successful outcomes across varying conditions by engaging and upskilling people at all levels of an organisation to identify opportunities, strategies, and ideas that will improve the way work is done, and enable organisations to reach their business and safety objectives.

Starting in September with an introduction to Safety Differently, John Green and Helen Rawlinson will present at our Safety Breakfast Innovation Roadshow. 

Providing a space to build knowledge of the Safety Differently philosophy in practice, Masterclasses are available on Appreciative Investigations and Enabling Leadership throughout October and December. They will be presented by Art of Work's directors Marc McLaren and Helen Rawlinson. 

Also in December, professor Sidney Dekker of Griffith University in Australia, will deliver a couple of seminars on Just Culture and Safety Differently. 


Safety Innovation Breakfast: This event series is ideal for those who are new to the concepts of Safety Differently. The breakfast roadshow is held in London, Manchester and Dublin, and is the ideal starting block for developing an awareness around the philosophy of Safety Differently. 

Masterclasses: We currently have three Masterclasses available which are designed to help delegates to build upon their awareness of Safety Differently. The masterclasses are ideal for CEO's, Safety Professionals and Senior Managers who would like to start creating conversations in their organisation around an alternative approach. Masterclasses are also effective when used as a workshop to help influence key stakeholders within a business. The Masterclasses have a mix of theory, practice and open conversation to equip delegates with the ability to influence and start to build practices within their organisations.

Seminars: With access to thought leaders, Art of Work have arranged a number of Seminars hosted by Sidney Dekker. Seminars are widely attended by academics and Safety Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of the philosophy around Safety Differently. Our latest offerings are in Safety Differently and Just Culture.


Sept 25, 2017 - London, UK, presented by Helen Rawlinson and John Green

Sept 26, 2017 - Manchester, UK, presented by Helen Rawlinson and John Green

Oct 02, 2017 - Dublin, Ireland, presented by Helen Rawlinson and John Green

Oct 03, 2017 - London, UK, presented by Helen Rawlinson and John Green


MASTERCLASSES: Appreciative Investigations, Enabling Leadership, Safety Differently

Oct 06, 2017 - London, UK, presented by Helen Rawlinson 

Dec 14, 2017 - London, UK, presented by Marc McLaren

Dec 15, 2017 - London, UK, presented by Marc McLaren and Helen Rawlinson



Dec 12, 2017 - London, UK

Dec 13, 2017 - London, UK

Register now to upskill your knowledge, to move beyond compliance, to learn from what goes right, and to boost your organisations capability to achieve their desired outcomes.

For more information on the events, dates and how to book see our events page.