After more than 18 months in the shadows, Kelvin Genn is stepping forward and taking an active role as Managing Director of the Art of Work business. We ask Kelvin some important questions.

You're officially Managing Director, however also known as Director Disruption. Care to elaborate?

In the current Zero Harm paradigm, we have constrained organisations with rules and bureaucracy in the name of eliminating error. With the eradication of error, we have subsequently crushed innovation and learning. I feel that error and failure are invaluable opportunities through curiosity to unlock insight and new perspectives. What we need is to be able to fail well.

Disruption is revolutionising the way that we work. It serves to throw the rules out and reinvent the way work is done by focussing on the outcome. At Art of Work we are intrinsically interested in understanding the desired outcome and liberating through enabled people new and transformational thinking, the way to achieve the outcome.

So what does your role encompass at Art of Work?

The Art of Work business has two brands - Art of Work and Generative HSE. Art of Work is pioneering the practical implementation of the safety differently philosophy while Generative HSE bolsters operational safety delivery with innovative systems and critical risk capability.  I am responsible for facilitating and supporting our people to succeed with our bold endeavours.

What brings you to Art of Work?

I've been operating in the safety differently space for quite some time as I performed international and Board Member roles for various respected national and international organisations. After identifying the need in the marketplace for a business which helps organisations to operationalise the safety differently philosophy, I engaged with my long term peers Sidney Dekker, Daniel Hummerdal, Marc McLaren and John Green to make it happen. Together, we formed the Art of Work business and have been working in the background since its inception to ensure that it meets and exceeds its potential.

Are you happy with where the business is now?

I'm ecstatic. There are very few start-up businesses who can name some of Australia's largest and most respected organisations such as Qantas, Laing O'Rourke and GrainCorp as their clients in their first year, let alone build a network of safety professionals who are breaking the mould to drive positive and productive change in the industry.

So where to from here?

Demand for our services continue to grow in Australia and internationally, so I definitely see that we will expand our footprint further; we'll also be bringing on more consultants and will be fostering strategic relationships with other reputable organisations to grow in reach. Our Lighthouse Centre of Excellence is a vital step for us, so we'll be concentrating on building our suite of engagement tools and our network of professional thought leaders who are skilled in the Art of Work. We have launched an office in London to support the growing demand and are looking forward to setting up in New Zealand and the USA.