Art of Work has announced its expansion to the United Kingdom. The Australian organisation has made a name for itself in the industry with its fresh and innovative approach to safety and productivity and has gathered a number of respected global and national clients since its inception in 2015.

Director of Innovation at Art of Work, Daniel Hummerdal said that “There has been global interest in what we do at Art of Work from the very beginning and we already have UK based clients, so opening an office in London is the obvious next step for us.”

Newly appointed UK Managing Director Helen Rawlinson believes that “UK organisations have plateaued in their performance and are looking for the answer to ‘what’s next?’. The industry is ready for a fresh approach and our proven experience in Australia will add significant value in the UK.”

“This is an exciting time for Art of Work and for the global safety industry” said Daniel Hummerdal, “Many organisation have recognised the many problematic side effects of traditional safety methods and are looking for new ways to enable better outcomes. Leaders have realised that they can have a different sort of conversation that builds on traditional safety methods to improve the organisations’ ability to drive successful outcomes, with benefits to productivity, wellbeing and safety.”

Daniel Hummerdal adds that “This is an important step towards building further capability to deliver for our clients. The expansion supports us in our endeavours to bring together global thought and delivery leaders for Safety Differently.”

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About Art of Work

Art of Work brings together the experience and skills of global safety thinkers and leaders who are reshaping safety practices for complex organisations across the globe.

The organisation delivers a range of consulting and educational services that empower organisations and individuals to unlock potential and deliver sustainable results by improving the way work is done.

Art of Work develops in-house capability to connect the people with the needs and ideas with the people who can deliver change in order to design more resilient workplaces. Their services enable business leaders to set their people up for success with improvements to productivity, efficiency, safety and with greater well-being.