The Team at Art of Work have launched a Centre of Excellence for thought leaders engaged in reshaping their organisation through empowerment and innovation. The new ‘Lighthouse Centre of Excellence’ provides business leaders looking to shift their organisation beyond compliance with access to master classes, webinars, collaboration sessions, online resources and networking opportunities.

Nearly 100 senior business leaders from over 50 leading Australian organisations across a range of industries have already joined the Centre of Excellence by participating in the first release of Lighthouse Master Classes. The Master Classes include topics such as ‘Appreciative Safety’, ‘Appreciative Investigations’ and ‘Disruptive Innovation’ and provide practical insights and tools developed for real-world implementation.

There is a growing community of early adopters and thought leaders who are shifting the conversation away from compliance and towards appreciative safety. They are doing safety differently and are getting results. Art of Work has scoured the globe to harness the latest thinking and have translated the theory into practical master classes, tools, resources that is driving real change in the organisations we work with.

We believe that Lighthouse fills the gap in the market for quality safety innovation training targeted at senior business leaders and expands on this to deliver the content in a supportive community environment. It provides like-minded business leaders the opportunity to learn from each other, float ideas and build on each other’s success.

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