The purpose of Appreciative Investigations is to improve an organisations’ ability to proactively learn from normal work; to discover what people do and depend on to achieve successful outcomes, and to appreciate and build on strengths that are already present in the organisation.

Most organisations routinely investigate when things go wrong, but they rarely have a structured approach for investigating how and why people are successful in their work. Attendees of this one day Master Class will learn how they can improve performance (productivity, efficiency, well-being, safety) by exploring the resources, tools and strategies people rely on to achieve successful outcomes, and the conditions and constraints that help and hinder work.

Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and case studies, attendees build an investigative tool to uncover details about work that other formal observations and auditing methods do not capture. The day addresses the following questions:

  • What do you look for to understand and improve work if it isn’t deviations or unwanted behaviours?
  • How can understanding work performance improve deviation management?
  • How do you carry out an Appreciative Investigation in practice?
  • How can the gathered information help to improve work?

Director of Safety Innovation at Art of Work, Daniel Hummerdal delivers a challenging day for anyone who is interested in implementing new ways to assess, understand and improve safety. This Master Class is suitable for both operational and safety managers, as well as anyone who is interested in new ways to learn more about what goes on in a workplace.

The content includes

  • Why we investigate - The purpose, the effects and the need for new types of investigations
  • What are Appreciative Investigations - What they are and what they’re not
  • Workshop to design questions for exploring what matters at work
  • Active listening - Building participants’ skills to create better interviews
  • In practice - The what, where, who, how and when of Appreciative Investigations
  • Case studies of doing Appreciative Investigations in different organisations
  • Explorations of how collected information can be used to drive positive change

Participants learn

  • How to perform Appreciative Investigations
  • How to listen and analyse insights collected from the investigations
  • Set their Appreciative Investigations up for success
  • How to implement change in their organisation

Participants receive

  • Copies of the presentation material - paper and pdf
  • Facilitator’s guide on how to design and carry out Appreciative Investigations
  • Access for 6 months to Master Class web portal loaded with resources relating to foundations of safety differently, including case studies, change strategies, journal articles, book references, links to e-resources, and tools to collaborate with other participants beyond the Master Class event.