The team at Art of Work are all about setting up organisations for success. We draw on a number of tools, resources and proprietary products to provide tailored consulting services that empower your organisation with the knowledge and skills you need to improve productivity, efficiency and safety outcomes and sustain them over time.

Board Intervention

The journey with our clients generally starts with a strategic decision for an organisation to move beyond compliance and embrace a more appreciative approach. When this occurs, we can draw from our advisory board to provide recognised and respected professionals such as Sidney Dekker, Michael Tooma or John Green to deliver presentations that help to reshape the board's understanding of appreciative safety┬«  and its transformative nature both for safety and innovation across the organisation.

Appreciative Safety® Review

Through our Appreciative Safety Review, we take a closer look at current safety management systems and practices to understand current performance and to identify opportunities for improvements. We specifically look for opportunities for people to be the solution, for safety to be about creating successful outcomes, and for safety to be an opportunity to take responsibility to create a better workplace.

Embedded Discovery

We like to support our Safety Differently Audit with our Embedded Discovery process. Through this process, an Art of Work consultant works side-by-side with frontline staff to identify the assumptions and critical conditions that contribute to everyday challenges. Through this process, we can identify some of the differences in how work is planned or imagined and how it is actually done.

Collective Improvements

Our Collective Improvements process supports organisations as they start driving positive change. Our consultants facilitate structured group discussions with front line employees, encouraging them to share their insights and experiences of what work can be like. A cross section of the organsiation, then analyses the information to identify key challenges and opportunities that they can address to make work more productive, efficient and safer. These opportunities are then sponsored by senior executives and outcomes are fed back to the front line staff.

Appreciative Investigations

We conduct Appreciative Investigations by interviewing staff and facilitating focus groups to identify areas of the business which could be managed differently to support organisations to achieve their objectives. 

Tools and Resources

We draw on a number of proprietary tools and resources to support the organisations that we work with to shift the conversation beyond compliance. Some of these include Appreciative Investigations, Collaborative Controls, Net Promoter Score, Solutions-focussed Incident Investigations, and Restorative Just Culture Programs. 


We deliver a range of master classes through the Art of Work Lighthouse Centre of Excellence. These master classes empower participants with practical tools and skills. Lighthouse provides members with access to webinars, collaboration sessions, engagement with a community of thought leaders, and privileges including discounts and exclusive offers.


Some of the organisations we work with find it beneficial if we support them with tailored presentations to Board Members and Executive Teams to support the change management process.


We deliver conferences that explore ideas and showcase cutting edge safety practices. We also provide keynote speakers and facilitators for external conferences and events.