Qantas - Sydney, Australia

Art of Work is currently working with frontline staff at Qantas to understand what helps and hinders normal work with a view to improving productivity, efficiency and safety. Together, we have unearthed a great number of opportunities for improving work at Qantas and are acting on plans to deliver sustainable improvements through our Collective Improvement process which we will continue to rollout over multiple departments during 2017. We have also supported the organisation with their Safety Strategy Summits and have delivered Lighthouse Master Classes in partnership with Qantas.

Laing O'Rourke - Australia

We're working with Laing O'Rourke to develop a real time evaluation tool which is used to understand what helps and hinders performance. The tool will serve to inform proactive decision making to improve performance.

Thiess - Brisbane, Australia

We have been working with Thiess to build their strategic WHS capacity. We have been involved in the design and delivery of two Global Health and Safety Summits in 2013 and 2016 and a supporting HSE Leaders Safety Differently Development Program delivered in 2014. The Summits and the supporting development programs have been designed to engage the top 150 leaders in a collaborative process of thinking differently about Thiess’ strategic approach to health and safety and engaging their top 150 leaders in a structured process of designing their global health and safety future.

Transport for NSW - Sydney, Australia

Art of Work facilitated an Appreciative Discovery workshop for Transport for NSW on the back of an increase in TRIFR in one of their departments. The objective of the workshop was to understand how work was being performed when performance was good, with a view to establishing a strategy to reinstate the previously exemplary performance.

Graincorp - Sydney & Rural QLD

Art of Work is supporting Graincorp with Appreciative Safety Investigations at a selection of their operations. The investigations reveals how things go right, what people are most dependent on to achieve safe and productive outcomes, and the solutions employees rely on to overcome workplace difficulties. We're also delivering a series of Master Classes to upskill key staff in the organisation.

Airbus - Brisbane, Australia

We're delivering a presentation to the HSE team at Airbus to challenge traditional thinking. The objective of the presentation is to shift understanding and language that will help Airbus to progress even further in their journey to improve productivity, efficiency and safety.

Laing O'Rourke - London, UK

We are working with Laing O'Rourke to facilitate Safety Innovation Learning Labs in their UK office. The objective of the learning labs is to increase the capability of the participants to develop innovative safety practices for Laing O’Rourke. We have also delivered a series of Master Classes in partnership with Laing O'Rourke in Sydney and Brisbane.

Connetics - Christchurch, NZ

We have worked with Connetics to explore how work is done through our 'Embedded Discovery' process. The aim of the process is to identify the assumptions and critical conditions that contribute to everyday challenges in the workplace.  We have also delivered Master Classes in partnership with Connetics and are coaching and mentoring key staff in the organisation. Connetics' CEO, Jono Brent explains our journey in this video.

Origin - Melbourne, Australia

Origin has seen great success implementing a more appreciative approach to safety at Origin. Art of Work delivered an Appreciative Investigations Master Class in partnership with Origin, where Origin could share their learnings and success in this space.

Optus - Sydney, Australia

We're delivering Safety Differently and Appreciative Investigations Master Classes for key staff at Optus to help shift the conversation away from compliance and to upskill employees to drive positive change from within.

Ixom - Melbourne, Australia

Art of Work conducted a Safety Differently Audit for Ixom. The audit examined how Ixom safety policy and standards help and/or hinder progress toward enacting the three principles of safety differently. The purpose of the Safety Differently Audit process was to identify opportunities for Ixom to develop and redesign their management systems to better align with the three Safety Differently principles.

Jemena - Sydney, Australia

Art of Work facilitated an Appreciative Safety® Workshop for the WHS Team at Jemena to inspire and educate the group about the benefits of Appreciative Safety® and to shift the mindset towards a more appreciative approach. 

ITV - London, UK

We're working with ITV to assess the state of ITV's current safety management system including a risk review and developing a plan for taking a more appreciative approach in the future.